KGIT: A KDE Git frontend

This project is intended to be a small but functional frontend to the popular source control programm, git.
It is similar to 'gitk' with two significant differences.
  1. Its written in Qt using KDevelop and kde libraries
  2. Its functional unlike gitk which is only a repository viewer

This project is released under GNU General Public License

Source code

Please head on to project page to download latest sources.

Binary Packages

I currently have made only a simple .deb with 'checkinstall' utility on Ubuntu Feisty. The package has no dependancy checks and any other configuration idea what so ever. It did work for me on a feisty with kde installed. YMMV.
Please head on to project page to download latest binaries.

Screen shot


Author: Abhijit Bhopatkar

Submitting Bugs/Feature requests

You can use bug tracker to submit and track bugs.
BE Warned: I am the only current developer and hacked this project out over one weekend to help internal workflow at my project group. I have little interest in fixing other people's problems. Although I appreciate you taking your time to send me bug reports, I can not garuntee any resolution, I appologise in advance if your voice goes unheard.
Ofcourse patches are most welcome.


(in order of decreasing priority)
  1. "Send patch" feature implementation.
  2. Cleanup memory leaks
  3. More git related features
  4. UI assisted bisect feature
  5. Compliance with kde UI guidelines Logo